Categories, Awards

airbrush_stetce-copyBrush and sponges

In this category you can use only brush and sponges. You dont need to use any special fx or add-ons, alo no masks. The painting got to cover at least 75%. It is Pro category.


Only airbrush is allowed in this category, so the painting is executed only that way. As in the brush category you have to cover at least 75% of the body. This is also Pro category.


This category is for all beginers, fans and artists that are intersted in bodypainting and are not pro in this. Here you can combine brush, sponges and airbrush. This is Amateur category.

Complete set of rules you can find here.

Facepainting competition

The competition is focused on painting the face where is possible to use any technique, so brush and sponges and airbrush are allowed. The main point is the painting on the face. The option is to use costume, hair dress or painting on other areas. The hair, costume and so on can be prepared before the competition time.

Special effects competition – SFX

The competition is focused on the upper part of body and costume, hair dress can be used. The main thing is to use body safe products. All the prothetics can be prepared, colored and finished before competition. Costume and hair can be prepared also before competition.

Awards at Bodyart Czech 2019

“Brush and sponges” – first, second and third place in this category

“Airbrush” – first, second and third place in this category

“Start” – first, second and third place in this category

“Best show” – award for best stage presentation

“Best model” – award for best model

“Audience Award” – award for artwork that is chosen by the audience