These guidelines were prepared by organization of the competition.

The number of participants is limited in both categories, so we recommend early registration. Confirmation of participation is dependent on the time of registration and quality of attached portfolio.

The deadline for applications is 7.3.2019You can register electronically here.

Registration fee is 30 EUR and is not refundable, you can use Paypal or EUR bank account to pay this fee. The fee includes parking for one car, enter tickets for contestant, model, assistant and photographer (total up to four people) and refreshment for contestant and model during the contest day.

Each competitor can participate in only one category of competition either Brush and sponges or Airbrush or Start.

During the competition, artists can help one person. This person can only help with hair styling and nail models / model. Model may have before the competition begins, hair and nails trimmed. Any help of another person (other than an assistant) to work on the model / models will result in disqualification.

It is not allowed to start painting, or prepaint contours on the model / model before the start of competition.

In the category of Brush and sponges is not allowed to use spray paint, either before or during the competition. It is not allowed to use the templates. In the category Brush and sponges is permitted only hand painting.

In the category Airbrush Bodypainting is only allowed to airbrush technique. The use of templates is enabled.

Before the competition begins, models may have only a base make­up without any contours.

During the competition is allowed to use only the color specified in bodypainting, which are approved for the body. Please think about the health of your models ! Using any other, non-body-safe colors, will result in disqualification.

Materials, colors and accessories can be any proffesional brand. Each contestant must bring their own supplies and accessories.

● The tattoo transfer AINT allowed.

Model must be at least 18 years of age.

Model / Model must sign a model release that grants publication of photos and videos that were taken in the context of competition.

The artist must sign an artist release that grants publication of photos and videos that were taken in the context of competition.

Model / model must wear at least panties so. G ­string, the rest of the body may be naked.

Space for competition is ready from 7:30 pm.


Special regulations ­ Bodyart Czech Republic 2019

Maximum number of participants is 30 total

The total duration of the competition is 6 hours

The theme of this year’s competition is: ELEMENTS

The competition is divided into three categories: Brush and sponges including decorations, Airbrush Bodypainting including decorations and Start open category.

Each of the competition categories has its own specifics. The combination of techniques is not allowed. Only in Start you can go for all the techniques.

Model / Model must be covered with paint at least 75% of his body.

Accessories used in competition are part of the whole model and is part of score by the jury

Introduction to the theme and presentation of the subject on stage is part of score by the jury.

The jury evaluates the work of the contestants in an enclosed space where the artist has access only to the model.

Presentation before an audience is not subject to the jury’s evaluation. For performance of models / models before an audience, we recommend that you send your own music and prepare choreographic stage presentation. The video or audio will be sent using email, before the contest. The stage show has its own award “Best Show”.

Viewers can watch the progress of the painting competition, but not to approach any closer than 1.5 m. Event that gives permission contestants, viewers can take photo. Journalists may ask questions about the work after the work is finished, not to disturb the model or contestant.

After the presentation to the audience you will be asked to move to special area for photo­shooting.

The artist will present his work himself with his words on stage in front of an audience.

Onstage show in front of an audience should take about 1­ or 2 minutes. Pyrotechnic effects are denied.

Results will be announced after the presentation of all models by head of the jury and the organizers of the competition.


Score criteria

20 points maximum – Quality and painting technique, color composition and artistic impression

15 points maximum – Interpretation of the theme, creativity and accessories

15 points maximum – The overall impression of harmony of body, face, hair and accessories

The maximum number of points that can be obtained from each jury is 50.

Special focus and factor is logical posing of each motives and their connection on the body with aspect of positioning and painting on the major flat of the body where one color large fields got to be balanced with quality and details, that goes with the time for painting.

Contact:  Assistant: Alena Kantorová ; Organization & Support: Lukáš Phoenix Bureš – 603 208 212 | Helena J. Skuhrovcová – 608 180 313